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The internet realm is shifting towards a mobile experience. As smartphone proliferation among the masses increases, browsing from mobile devices is increasingly becoming a common phenomenon. In fact, as of 2016 internet access through mobile devices has surpassed computer internet access.

With this in mind, it is important for marketers to optimize their website for mobile experiences. Internet browsing through mobile devices has been dominated by a high number of local, spur of the moment searches and purchases. Therefore, optimizing websites for mobile browsing gives business owners the advantage of capturing consumers right at the moment when they want to make purchases.

Being a great salesperson means being determined and persistent, but it this does not mean you have to pester a prospect like mad in order to get to the yes of a sale. More often than not, even the best salespeople hear 'No' a lot more often before they hear 'Yes'.

Note that they hear 'No' a lot more often before they hear 'Yes,' not more often than they hear 'Yes.' So, what's the trick for turning a no or two into a yes if it isn't persistence? Here are some tactics to keep under your hat.

Every business knows by now just how important it is to have a strong online presence in today's competitive markets. This includes a great looking website that speaks to the customer, represents your brand well, and pushes visitors into becoming customers to increase your business. A lot of focus goes into creating this ideal business website for many webmasters and business owners...who then get only a dozen or two dozen visitors a month. Considering the amounts that need to be invested to get a truly good website going, that's not a good ROI.

The key here is understanding the importance of good search engine optimization (SEO). While SEO is something many business owners try learning on their own or just "have their IT guy do," there are really good reasons why it's smart just to hire an SEO company or an SEO agency from the very beginning.

Let's face facts: you're not going to stand out from the competition by running with the herd. No matter what business you're in if you contact customers the same way as your competitors, manage the same way as your competitors, and work the exact same way as your competition, you're never going to be top dog. Those spots are reserved for companies who know how to stick out, to provide unique and incredible customer service, and who stand out against the competition, no matter how fierce or crowded the field is.

Tedious tasks can be mind numbing. It is as simple as this. Studies suggest online businesses see a 20% increase in sales from automation illustrating the potential strategic changes one should be considering.

Yet, there are many people who continue to ignore automation. The automotive industry is an excellent example of real-world automation leading to larger profit margins and greater success in general. Online marketing isn't any different in this regard. Automation is the way to go and can be the beginning of success for marketers online.

This read will gauge not only the importance of automation but which tasks should be automated within an online marketing setup.

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