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Email Marketing MN

Effective Email Marketing in Burnsville, MN

PR Caffeine strongly believes that business owners can benefit from maximizing every reliable marketing opportunity available today. Email marketing is a good example. This strategy involves sending legitimate and professionally designed or written emails to the contacts in your mailing list. We have a team of professionals that specializes in this field. Talk to us so we can explain to you in detail how our solutions work.

Most consumers today have an email address they use to interact with businesses online. If you have a mailing list consisting of current customers and prospects, we can help you create an effective campaign for email marketing in the Twin Cities, MN. Whether you want to send out regular newsletters to all your customers or special offers that can draw in your prospects, we can help you choose when to send the emails and even design them for you to increase the number of click throughs and conversions. We offer a variety of plans to help you get started.

Create Your Campaign in Five Steps

When you choose us for your email marketing in MN, we will put together your campaign in just five easy steps. First, you must select the plan that best meets your needs. After you choose a plan, we will design an email template you can use to provide information to your mailing list. Upload all your contacts to your account, and we will send your emails to the entire list. After the emails are sent, we make it easy to track the progress of your campaign, including number of clicks and how many people opened the email.

Reach Your Audience

We strive to make it easy for you to reach your audience with email marketing in Burnsville and the Twin Cities. Sometimes the best way to give them the information they seek is by sending out mass emails. These emails can be fully customized, giving you the tools you need to effectively reach your target audience.

No, Not the “Spammy” Way

At some point, you might have received spam messages and you can’t explain how mad you are at the sender. You don’t want everyone in your mailing list to feel and think the same way about you. That is why we formulate solutions that will make your emails more convincing, authoritative, and far from being spammy. After working on different projects for a range of clients, we have found that a successful email marketing campaign depends on the following:

  • A strong and compelling headline
  • Interesting and sincere titles
  • Content that reflects what’s stated in the headline or title (honest, not deceiving)
  • Well-structured body
  • Readable & professionally written/produced content (a combination of text, images, etc)
  • Links that work seamlessly
  • A powerful call to action

A professional looking email instills trust among your target customers. When your message adheres to these criteria, the recipients will have a positive experience and a good impression of your business.

We design, analyze and optimize YOUR email campaigns in 5 EASY steps

  1. Select Plan: Select a plan that suits your needs and goals.
  2. Design email: After understanding your requirements, we design the email template to achieve your goals. You may share your ideas to make your emails more attractive and professional.
  3. Upload Contacts: Once we create email template, we upload data into the email marketing soft ware.
  4. Execute Campaign: We fire email campaign to entire list.
  5. Track Result: After executing the campaign, we track, monitor and analyze the success of your campaign. We can provide information about the number of people who opened your email and how many of them were converted into buyers or customers.

We have plans to meet your business needs based on the size of your email list, contact us today for more information!

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